Latest Book News, March 2015. 

A new series for 2015: Ransom Reading Stars.

The Shades series, originally published by Evans Books, have all been republished by Ransom with spanking new covers. What's more, they are now adding to the series!  Here are our new titles.

New from Ransom -
Thunderbolts!  24 Fact and fiction titles on all sorts of subjects from spooks to yucky food! 

New from Hachette -
Slipstream! 6 fiction titles, plus workbooks.

After many years (seems like a lifetime!) teaching the writing of poetry both as a teacher and a workshop leader, David has distilled it all in a new book for teachers from Ransom Publishing.

New from Helen - yes, it's more Siti's sisters! Series 4 - The Early Years.   Visit the Siti sisters website www.sitisisters.co.uk 

Not the usual sort of princess in this new title by Helen from Badger Publishing.

They're Back! Zone 13 now republished, updated and with great new illustrations!

Ever since the series went out of print about five years ago, people have been asking for them .  Now Ransom Publishing have brought out the whole series!

Boffin Boy - amazing Manga superhero! 12 titles to read. Visit the Boffin Boy website www.boffinboy.com


The Starchasers!
Visit www.starchasersonline.com 
to find out more. 

Links to our U.K. publisher pages: 

The Ransom Publishing page for Trailblazers, Siti's Sisters, Boffin Boy and Starchasers.

Badger Publishing page for Writing Poetry, Non-fiction and Full Flight stories

Book House for Tsunamis and Tornadoes

Wayland for Freddy's Family

QED for Earth Explorer.

Hachette for Slipstream

 SpeciaClick here for a complete list of books.