Books by David and Helen Orme

Titles in print (as far as we are aware) in bold.

Fiction titles

Badger publishing

Starship Football  (D) 
 (Published in the U.S. by Stonearch as Space Games)

Danger Mountain
- (D)
Monster Planet
(Published in Polish as Potworna Planeta)

Jenny's Story
(H& D)
Space Pirates

Space Wreck (D)
Something Evil
Diary (H)
(D With Jane Langford)
Spook Manor
The Valley of Wisdom

Space Plague  (D)
Midsummer Mutants
Who are you? (D)

Tansy Smith
Planet Talent D
Time to Go Home (D)
Clowning around (H)

The Shades Series reissued in 2013 by Ransom Publishing
Also available for Kindle. New titles now available

Blitz (D) (Also in Sharp Shades - simplified and abridged text)
(D) (Also in Sharp Shades - simplified and abridged text)
Fire (D)
Flood (D) (New for 2014)

Who Cares?

Fighting Back (H)
Gateway from Hell
(Retitled Doorway to Darkness, U.S. Edition, Stonearch Books)

Space Explorers
No Good (H) New for 2014
What About Me? (H) New for 2014

The Zone 13 series (Ransom)  (David)


The Coffin Creaks

Space Weed
Time Forest
A Nest of Aliens
Shadow  from the Past 

Spook City
The Ice People
No Chance
Out of the Fog
Orbit 7
The Shape Shifter

The Grey Men
Invasion of the Killer Robots
They Came from the Sea
The Great Brain
Cyberspace Warrior
Streetwise series (Helen)

The Best thing ever
The Newcomer
I dare You
Fixed it!
I can't Help It
Best Mates

Everyone does it
Just try It
Don't believe her
Just One more
Taking Responsibility

Sports Zone from Nelson Thornes (David)

Head to Head (Sprinting)
A Crazy Sport (Triathlon)
Hot Skates (Ice Hockey)
Snow Trek (Snow Boarding)
Trail Bikes (Mountain Biking)
Up For It!  (Football)


Pit Stop (Motor Racing)
Close to the Wind (Windsurfing)
Match Ref  (Football)
In at the Deep End 
Deep Trouble 
Dive and Survive (Diving)


Hit it! (Water Skiing)
Rock Face (Climbing)
Skating to Danger (Skating)
Running into Trouble  (Marathon Running)
Speed Bikes (Speedway)
Goalie's Nightmare (Football)


the Siti's Sisters series from Ransom (Helen)
(Workbooks available for this series)

Taken for a Ride

Odd One Out


Trouble with Teachers


Who's Who?


Horsing Around

Brother Bother

New Man

Don't do it
Party time
Leave her alone


She’s my friend now
All Wrapped up
Don’t let go
I know something
Kitchen Chaos
Making tracks
Open wide


Boffin Boy from Ransom (David)
Workbooks available for this series.

(Published in US by Stonearch as Billy Blaster. Published in Australia by Blake Publishing. Also in Welsh, Dutch and Arabic)

Boffin Boy and the Invaders from Space
Boffin Boy and the Wizard of Edo
Boffin Boy and the Monsters from the Deep
Boffin Boy and the Red Prince
Boffin Boy and the Time Warriors
Boffin Boy and the Lost City

Boffin Boy and the Temples of Mars
Boffin Boy and the Rock Men
Boffin Boy and the Deadly Swarm
Boffin Boy and the Ice Caves of Pluto
Boffin Boy and the Forest of the Ninja
Boffin Boy and the Quest for Wisdom

Boffin Boy and the Worm of Death
Boffin Boy and the Poison Garden
Boffin Boy and the Moon Zombies
Boffin Boy and the Emperors Tomb
Boffin Boy and the Lost Yeti
Boffin Boy Goes to Hollywood

The Starchasers series from Ransom (David)

Starchasers and the Deadly Virus
Starchasers and the Planet of the Vampires

Starchasers and the Jungle Planet
Starchasers and the Ultimate Secret

Starchasers and the lost Explorers

Starchasers and the Galactic Shopping Mall

Hachette Slipstream series (2013)
(Workbooks available for these titles)

Stunt Riders
Unarmed and Dangerous

Walk into Danger
Fishing for
Space Station Alert

Football Legend

Vampires are so Boring

Titles for older teenagers and adults

Don't even think it (H) Ransom Cutting Edge series
The Bodysnatcher's apprentice
(D) (ebook available for Kindle)

For Younger Children

Freddy's family series from Wayland (David)

Spider in the bath
Just one more
Eat your dinner!

Evans titles published in U.S. Editions in English and Spanish by Gingham Dog Press and Rosen Publishing. Current status uncertain.

Dinosaur Planet
  The Thirsty Moose (D) 

The Donkey that was Too Fast
The Yellow Balloon

Out of print fiction titles - various ages

Collins Pathways 1994
Red Bird (D) (Also in Big Book format) 
Rainy Day  (D)
Ten Tired Tigers (D) (Also in Big Book format) 

I Hear Thunder (D)
Wibble Wobble (D)
Monster's Baking Day (D)


Beyond this World (D) - science fiction stories Longman 2000
Macbeth - Warlord of Space (D -Graphic Novel) Longman
Hurricane Season (PB and Hb)  ( D) - Evans Brothers
Josie's Garden (Pb and Hb) (D) Evans Brothers 2009
The Haunted Asteroids  (D) Nelson Thornes Spirals 1996 
The City of the Roborgs  (D) Nelson Thornes Spirals 1996   
Sci-fi Danger!   (D)  Longman 2000   
  Joshua's Junk (D) Longman 1994 
Clever Cat's Hide and Seek( D)  (Letterland)  Collins 1998
Read Me Another, Dad! (D)    (Save the Children Fund, 1999)
Gary Lineker's Favourite Football Stories (D, Ed.) (Pb & Hb,Macmillan)  
More of Gary Lineker's favourite football stories
Planet of the Robots Longman 1999 (Also in Big Book format)


Fiction and non fiction
The Trailblazer series from Ransom Publishing
(Workbooks available for these t

UFOs: are they real? (D)
Football (D)
Formula 1 (D)
Extreme Sports
Weird Places
Sea Killers
How to be a Pop Star

Speed (D)
Extreme Science
Don't try this at Home - Fantastic Feats
Great Journeys
Endangered Animals
Great Disasters 
Science Fiction
Life in Space

                                  Plagues  (D)

Ancient Mysteries (D)
Lost Animals
Body Art
Killer Plants (
Inside the Earth
Weird Creatures (D)

The Thunderbolts series from Ransom Publishing
(David, Helen and Sarah Orme)

Cool Cars
A Load of Rubbish
Bigger and Bigger
Amazing Apes

Menacing Monsters
That’s really Sweet
Shop ‘Til you Drop
Pirates and Smugglers
Secret Tunnels
Planet Hunting

Crazy Weather
Awesome Pets
Yucky Food
Polar Animals
Wild Places
Ouch! That Hurts
Ghosts and Ghouls

Poetry titles - David

Collections (David)  

   The Gravedigger's Sandwich KQBX 1992
Heroes and Villains Longman March 1995
 A Fear of Bells (For Adults)  KQBX 1983

A Magic Nation
Magic Nation 2002
Word Play Smiles  Longman 2001

Trade Anthologies Ed. David

Ere We Go!  Macmillan 1993
Dracula's Auntie Ruthless Macmillan 1994
You'll Never Walk Alone  Macmillan  1995
Snoggers  Macmillan 1995
We Woz Robbed! Macmillan 1997
While Shepherds Washed their Socks Macmillan 1997
They Think it's all Over   Macmillan 1998

Dear Future - a time capsule of poems Hodder Headline 1997
Nothing Tastes Quite Like a Gerbil Macmillan 1997

Revenge of the Man-eating Gerbils Macmillan Dec 1998   
Freaky Families Macmillan 2001
The Ghoul School Bus Macmillan 2000
The Final Whistle Macmillan 2000
Spooky Jokes, Puzzles and Poems (With Sandy Ransford) Macmillan 2003

School Poetry Anthologies (David)

Classic poems (with Brian Moses) 3 vols, Harper Collins, 1999
Poems from Around the World (with Brian Moses) 3 vols, Harper Collins, 1999
What Kind of Poem? (with Brian Moses) 3 vols, Harper Collins, 1999
Prayers and Poems from Around the World  Longman 1999
(Above 4 titles also published in Big Book format)

Cheating at Conkers  Longman 1994
Penny Whistle Pete  Collins 1995

 Weaving Words Longman 2000 
 Stories and Extracts from Shakespeare Longman 2000

Ghostly Verse
Longman 2002 0 582 55180-3
Poetry Street (Longman, with James Sale, 3 vols)
The Windmill book of Poetry (Heinemann 1987)

Playscripts (David)

Theseus and the Minotaur  Longman 1998 (Also published in Big Book format)
Captain Stardust and the Space Pirates  Longman 2000
Macbeth, King of Scotland   Falcondale Press 2000 

Information  Books

Earth explorer series D & H, (QED Publishing)

Moving Earth
Aerial Earth
Inside Earth
Shaping Earth

Animals Under Threat - Orangutan
(D) Heineman Library 2005 
What on Earth? Tsunamis
  (D & H) Book House 2005
What on Earth? Tornadoes
(D & H) Book House 2005


Animal in Danger series (H) (Ticktock Media)
(U.S. Publisher Bearport Publishing)
Also available in limited text versions in the ‘I love reading’ series.
 Current status of Ticktock titles currently unclear

Polar Bears

Earth in Danger Series (H) Ticktock Media)
(U.S. Publisher Bearport Publishing)

Sustainable living
Future Energy
Rubbish and Recycling
Habitat Destruction
Climate Change

Eye View series Ticktock Media  

Fierce Creatures (H)
By the Seashore


Stepping Stones series Ticktock Media

What are Rainbows made of? (H)
Why does the Moon Change Shape?
Why do plants grow in the Spring?


Blast Off series (H & D) Ticktock Media
US Publisher Gareth Stevens

Lets explore:
The Sun



The Moon





Pluto and other Dwarf Planets

Comets and Asteroids

Non fiction - out of print

Jumpstart series (D & H) (Collins 2000)

The History of Roads
Le Mans
Our Planets


Spotlight on Fact Series (D & H)  (Collins)

Biographical Dictionary of Recent Times
The A-Z of Rocks and Minerals

Famous Scientific Procedures
Look Out!
What a Hero!
A Home For Rubbish

Recycled Materials of the World


Pelican Hi-lo series 2002 (D)

Danger at Sea

Soldiers in Training

How Fit Are You?

Survival Guide

Is There Life Beyond Earth?

Ghost Hunting
Ghostly Places
Ghostly Animals
  It's Official - language of World War 2 (With Sue Wright) 
Changing Schools
D & H)

Other non-fiction titles

Planets, Stars  and Galaxies
  (D) Collins May 1996
 Losing My Roof  (Autobiography) (D) Collins Autumn 1996   
 Writers in Britain: The Brontës   (D) Evans 1999 
 Walking with Dinosaurs - Dinosaur World  (D & H)   BBC Worldwide 2000  

Re-issued by Dutton Children's Books
. (New York)  
Blue Planet - Ocean World
  (D & H) BBC Worldwide
Re-issued by Scholastic Inc (USA)

Hackers (D - Spirals non-fiction)   


Text Books - out of print

Curriculum Bank - Speaking and Listening KS 1 and 2  (2 vols, with Moira Andrew) Scholastic 1997
Poetry Workshop - Scholastic 1997 (2 Vols)
Literacy line-up - Fiction   Evans 2000    
Literacy line-up - Personal writing
  Evans  2000 

Literacy line-up - Non fiction
  Evans   2000 
 Literacy Line-up - Football  Fact and Fiction  Evans   2000

Literacy line-up -  Teachers Notes
 Evans 2000
Grammar For Literacy
Evans 2002 (4 vols: years 3 – 6)  
150 Literacy Hours - year 4 (D) W H Smith
150 Daily Maths Lessons  (H) W H Smith
Primary French (H) Folens 2 Vols 2005

Primary Spanish (H) Folens 2 vols 2005
Writing Poetry Badger Publishing 2002 (4 vols)
Writing Fiction
Badger 2002 (4 vols)
Writing Non-fiction Badger 2002 (4 vols)
Key Stage 1 Writing
Badger (2 vols)


The Poetry Show (D, Secondary, with James Sale) 3 vols. Nelson 198
Q series- Under Milk Wood Hodder 1987
Q series Romeo and Juliet Hodder 1987
Blueprints - The  Poetry Book (D With Moira Andrew) Nelson Thornes 1995
Specials! Poetry Folens 1994
Specials! Romeo and Juliet Folens 1994
Specials! Julius Caesar Folens 1994
Specials! A Midsummer Night's Dream Folens 1994/5
Specials! Macbeth  Folens 1997
Specials! Twelfth Night Folens 1998
Specials! Henry Vth  Folens 1998
Specials!  The Merchant of Venice 1999
Specials! French (Helen) Folens 2 Vols
Specials! Spanish (Helen) Folens 2 Vols
Specials! German (Helen) Folens 2 Vols
Pre-1914 Classics - Charles Dickens Folens 2000
A Blueprint for Language (KS3) Nelson Thornes 1995
A Blueprint for Literature (KS3)  Nelson Thornes 1996
NET - an English Resource  With James Sale Nelson Thornes 2000/2001  (6 Vols)    Poems from Many Cultures - resource book - Evans

Books for Teachers

Essential Guide to Poetry  Folens 1992
Unlocking the Poet in Every Child Ransom 2012

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